Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Imagine FX Dinosaur

Dinosaur! Well sort of.
It's a Dinosaur that I created for an ImagineFX Tutorial (British concept art magazine) and it's entirely fictitious as you could probably guess.
I think I called it Atrocitasaurus, which is derived from a Latin base and means Hipster Doofus Lizard....or something like that. No wait, it means Lasers for Eyes Lizard...
This concept along with a bone diagram and some other supporting sketches became the basis for my friend and fellow Wetite, Steve Lambert's 3D version.
He created that (modeling, texturing, rigging and animating!) for 3D World magazine.


Moai said...

This is the image that changed me from just someone who had seen Greg Broadmore's art in a King Kong book into a full-fledged Greg Broadmore groupie.:P Such an awesome design.

Anonymous said...

ciao I cam from italy...very nice artworks i like so much!!...good job.

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks guys. This was a fun job and I really got to focus on the one design which always makes a difference. The normal approach in illustrative film design is multiple, quick fire, loose designs. So getting to spend a reasonable chunk of time (a couple of days) on this was one of the elements that made it work so well.

Anonymous said...

Please oh God please let there be an ominous lightning storm over Miramar causing this guy to come to life (a la Weird Science) and tear full-tit around the bays.

Ryan Firchau said...

Really great design this Greg. Top notch work. I loved the work you did on King Kong and I look forward to every update. A Fellow concept artist friend of mine recently purchased the ray gun rifle and when it turned up in that massive wooden box we all thought he’d bought a Real Doll. It’s so cool. He has a disposable income, I unfortunately don’t so I’ll just have to look at his in envy. Great work coming up with that line of collectables.

Harry Allard said...

Hi Greg, what advice would you have for a 16 year old who would love to do the same work as you? I draw all the time, I'm learning how to enhance images and draw digitally, and I'm studying both sciences and art. I want to study zoology as a short university course, just to give me more options and experience. Sorry for giving you my life story but you are an artist whose work inspires me greatly and I would love to know if my current plan of action would get me anywhere? Cheers

Greg Broadmore said...

Hi Harry, apologies for the late response - been away for sometime.
Sounds to me like you're already on the right track.
If you want to design creatures for games, film etc.. them studying zoology is going to give you a massive leg up, and focusing on both the arts and sciences is a great thing.
I'm a creative at heart, but spend all my spare time reading about real science (as opposed to science fiction which I actually read much less of).
The knowledge gained from the process of science is what actually inspires my art and writing (although it probably won't seem like that from the outside)most of the time.

On a basic level, zoology and specifically anatomy are going to help your art enormously, but as a creative, the concepts behind evolution via natural selection can be a great way to lead your brain off in interesting directions for creature design.
That understanding allows you to either embrace it or defy it astutely depending on the creative needs of the project.

Just take advantage of the time you have in tertiary studies to learn all you can, but remember that you have your whole life to learn.
That is the most touchy feely response anyone might ever get from me by the way.
God, I've turned into a self-help guru...
All the luck in the world to you!

Harry Allard said...

Thanks for the help man!
/ taking the time to reply