Saturday, 11 December 2010

Dr. Grordbort Prints

WetaNZ have just put on sale two of my Dr. Grordbort prints, both featured in the Exceptional Exhibition which after returning from Shanghai, will be winging it's way to Switzerland.

The prints are on archival paper and bound in Chinese silk (they were created for us by Steve Yuan of Leewiart in Beijing)

They look stunning (if I do say so), and are limited to only 50 of each.

Get in quick.


The ComicBook Factory said...

Oh fuck, these are nice!!

Six said...

That Earth Elite forces print looked awesome at the Dowse Greg!

Ryan Walsh said...

Ive only got 3700 to my name. =( sorry. Hopefully in a couple of months when work is steady I will buy.

sprigmude said...

They look great.
Like the way the girls are strutting around.
Like the atmospheric lightening in the background.

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks fullahs!
I was really happy with the White Cloud Worlds Dowse exhibition - they really did a bang up job and the opening was a triumph.

The Moon Maiden piece was actually a commission for Richard Taylor and will become a mural in his home at some point.
Right now it is one of the central pieces of the Dr. Grordbort's Exceptional Exhibition.