Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lonelybot Print

Signed and limited to 30 prints, they're selling for about $150 NZD

Available at The Dowse Museum (as part of the White Cloud Worlds exhibition) and at Rebel Yell gallery in on K' Rd in Auckland.

I'm not sure if either venue is selling the print online so it may be just at the location.
Online sales coming soon.


Ryan Walsh said...

Its a slow week for Fatboss commentry? Funny isnt it, how they all a sudden dissappear! But dont u worry, I will be the first to post again for the lack of there faggotry. AND HERE BEFORE ME THE MOST GLORIOUS OF ALL POSTS BECUASE I PROCLAIM IT TO BE! I woulds buy of course but, im well too overpaid. Plus.. My eye is fixed on trying to get Paypal to work. I have to hire me more Africans to do the dirty work. TheN I want to buy a RC Tiger tank off this here internetz. Then I hope that once pay pal accepts my debit I can buy buy buy. And yes, on a slight chance i would somehow feel overwhellemed in some night to click a purchase of a original greg painting.

Ryan Walsh said...

Greg Broadmore said...

Ha ha! You are right my stalkerish serial commenting friend.
It is a bit slow on the old bloggerino for comments lately - maybe it's just ghosts that are commenting and we can't see their otherworldly insights?

Good luck with that Tiger tank - almost my favourite tank!

Ryan Walsh said...

Slow in the Bloggeronie these days eh'

Pieter said...

hey man,

I arrived in Wellington just a few days ago. Saw your Lonely Bot at the Eyeball Kicks today and I had to have it. I love it!!

Its afterwards that I learned that you are working at weta workshop and did the guns on district9.

Keep it up. Fucking love your work!

Anonymous said...

Saw this at Weta on Monday. Love it! Is there a way I can own a print?

Greg Broadmore said...

@Nick - thanks man, but unfortunately that print sold out long ago. I do have some others at Eyeball Kicks that you might like though.