Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Up a creek - redux

Another redux of an old piece - like the Diplodocus piece and the T-Rex piece before it, these are all works from about 8 or 9 years ago that I've decided to spruce up.
I really love the idea of setting Dinosaurs in the New Zealand bush, littered with the remnants of a long passed war.
Virtual high hives fives will be delivered to those tank nerds that can identify the three different tanks.


jeffkunze said...

Very cool! I like the pinwheel effect with the tank barrels.

phiq said...

"Virtual high hives..."


Greg Broadmore said...

Phiq™ spell-checking enabled.

Stuart Thomas said...

Rad, got to learn how to paint enviro's like yours. Kiwi touch with the corrugated panel on the tank?
Also that dino is cute as hell :0

Pearce said...

Left one is a Battle Tank, the one up the back is a War Tank and the foreground one... hmmm, is it an Army Tank?
Where do I collect my hives please.

Luke Shea said...

I have to go with Think Tank, Dunk Tank, and Drunk Tank.

Also, lovely painting! How did you go about learning/inventing dinosaur anatomy? Do you have favorite sources to recommend?

Greg Broadmore said...

@CP- Incorrect, discorrect and oppocorrect- -5 high hives!
Luke, I'm letting you off this one time for those guesses - 1 low hives.
All you need to know about dinosaur anatomy can be easily learned from many many years of studying skeletons and dinosaur anatomy.
I joke - I am very very lazy and would never ever study anything ever.
I do know a good amount about dinos though, and I recommend as a starting point, to study the work of Gregory S Paul - his work is incredible and you can't go wrong learning from him in my opinion.
There's plenty of great artists to learn from, James Gurney, Gurche,Douglas Henderson, and I would very much recommend visiting http://dino-art.blogspot.com/ - lot's of amazing artists congregating there with a great, up to date perspective on Dinosaur physiology.

Luke Shea said...

Thanks a bunch! I will treasure this one low hive until it heals. And I'll look up all them dinosaur people! I've recently been re-discovering Dinotopia with my daughter. It's basically the greatest thing.

Ryan Walsh said...

Blah fucking blah blah b lah blah fucking blah blah nice painting blah blah bla h nice painting. 20 times better;

comrademojo said...

Ok since the challenge was laid down, I'll accept. The top right tank is a Mk VIII Liberty tank. The bottom left looks like a Mk. I (or IV), but judging by the broken spoked wheel, I'm going with a Mk.1 (part of the steering system). Lastly the top left looks like the tank the NZ home guard whipped up out of a bulldozer, machine guns and corrugated iron during WWII.

High Fives?

Greg Broadmore said...

Your tank nerd credentials are secure, Comrade Mojo.
High fives and hives have been uploaded to the internet.
The top left is the Bob Semple - New Zealand's one and only hilarious tank.
Germans created the feared and heavily armoured King Tiger, the Russians the brilliant and no frills T-34, the Americans the fully rounded Sherman, and New Zealand stuck a shed on a bulldozer with some rifles stuck out the holes - Kapai!

comrademojo said...

Im not sure I should be proud or ashamed that I got that.

I'll take the high fives though o/*\o.