Sunday, 14 February 2010

World War Fun

Ok, so World Wars aren't fun, they're horrible.
Nobody enjoys them at the time and everybody complains about them afterwards.
In short, they're crap.

But I did a picture of one anyway, this time with added robots.
Because that's what war really needs, giant fucking robots.


Doug Williams said...

Amen brother. War's shit. This image on the other hand is beautiful, despite the subject matter. Seriously man, this one's really great, even for you.

Lots of great shapes, I love the blow out lighting, and great use of fore/mid/background elements. I love the looseness of it as well. Damn, I'm jealous.

ATAnderson said...

Great piece man, love the high fatality troop transport design.

Ben Mauro said...

Need to stop sending you all those videos! :D

Benjie said...

oww dam, you update like a madman! This one is looking good, ton of cool things going on. Lots of improvement!

Greg Broadmore said...

Hey, thanks fullahs. I enjoyed this one - nice and quick, hence the looseness.
Those truck designs are real ATA. World War One era trucks - our boss has a couple down at Kemp St. In fact I rode in one ( or something similar) at the Omaka airshow several years back.
Improvements eh Benjie? Thanks! Probably cos I refenced a photo for the trucks which I rarely do.
Because I am lazy.

The ComicBook Factory said...

Awesome pic! And war might suck but necessary at times, I have no objection to killing nazis for instance. Let's hope those giant robots are on 'our' side!

Frank Victoria said...

What an AWESOME painting! Everything is suggested and everything moves...
Fricking love it!
I'd love to see you paint a giant canvas (4m by 2m or something like that) with that technique!

Tom Banwell said...

Gorgeous painting! Reminds me of Rick Griffin at the end of his career, without the religious stuff. Fighting robots are way cooler!

Stuart Thomas said...

You can't go wrong with robots and orange. Mean painting bol! guts for the other side who seem to be lacking the bots themselves.

Ryan Walsh said...

Exquisitly profound, Original and simply War.

I will buy a original for 400 Canadian. painted on small canvas.
It will look nice with my Craig Mullin original

Would you kindly let me purchase a small small canvas of something rather like this?

Greg Broadmore said...

Yo, thanks cousins!
Yeah Mr. Comic Book Type-of-Factory, I know, Iknow. War is sometimes very necessary.
Doesn't stop it being shithouse though, and Hooooooly shit I hope I never have to be in one.
I stand by them being overrated as a pursuit in general.

I'd love to do paintings like this on real canvas, and thank you Ryan for your generous offer, but I just don't have time currently to do that. These personal images are squeezed out after work some days when I have time.

Weta work and Dr. Grordbort's absorb the rest of my working life.
Maybe next Xmas I'll have time to do some real painting again.

Thanks again!

Ryan Walsh said...


Well. I should be grateful that perhaps next christmas you will have A painting available for me.

And I will "steady by"- for one.

Mark my words :)


Mike Bear said...


kanishk said...

awesome work man, love the district 9 design !!
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A. Riabovitchev said...

Great sketch!:o)

Anonymous said...

Ah, the old B Type London bus in its WW1 military transport role. This used to be one of my favourite Airfix kits when I was a teenager.

Fantastic painting!