Monday, 21 June 2010

The Ballbuster

Nice robot. He's friendly to children, good natured and clean.
He really is a great robot, but needs more space to run around than what we have to offer. He is a very fast learner, and great company. He is microchipped but not de-sexed.


craig said...

"microchipped but not de-sexed"..awesome

Ryan Walsh said...

Watch out for RUN AWAY STAPLERS!

anyway. Nice pic.

I got to ask. When is District 10 coming out! please.
pretty please.
with a virgin cherry on top!

Moai said...

"Free quote, demonstration, and handjob." Hahaha!
Awesome image once again, Greg.

Moai said...

Also, I'd love to see you post more sketchbook pages.

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks hombres.
I will definitely try and put up more sketchbook stuff as I have time, Moai.
District 10? Ryan, even if there was anything to reveal about that, I couldn't.
I like not being murdered too much.

Ryan Walsh said...

But its Such a Great Movie! *CRY*

But really, I think the prwns deserve a second chance!!

Do you think Prwns have a natural bond with Kittens!

yes I know the movie ends here. SOB.

Somedays I feel like a prwn..

Im a Focking Prwn

Vaughan Ling said...

its those little disclaimers that makes my day. Nohio is more fitting than Ohio anyway.