Monday, 6 September 2010

Interview with Sci-Fi Universe

While I was in Switzerland for the NIFFF and Imaging the Future Symposium, I did a few interviews, this one was with Romain Basset from SciFi

It was mainly about District 9 but they will be following up shortly with another focusing on my science fiction world, Dr. Grordbort's.

Oh yeah, the article is in French, but the video interview is in Freddie Mercury's English.



Ryan Walsh said...

Everyone is interested in District 9. Do you ever get tired of them mentioning District 9 instead of the Grordborts.

I can see you being interviewed. Saying..

Yes Yes enough with the District 9 Already Lets Talk About my Grordborts DAMMIT!

just kidding XD

Ryan Walsh said...


Are my Hero. Straight up.

Ryan Walsh said...

Its soo sad to hear.. That Halo movie has Stopped. Someone has to do something about this. That movie alone would be the ice breaker. It would be the greatest sci-fi film ever made.

It cant possibly be just dead. I can see how much work the sets would be. Not all the sets would need to consist of alot of buildings.

Like Im sure there are some really inexpensive scene shots like fighting up and down a coast line beach, massive battles.

Its hard to imagine this world without a Halo Movie. It was so promising. Would have defiantly tied the knot on the whole Halo universe.

All people want to see is Mastercheif being the bloodiest alien murderer. I say GIVE IT TO THEM!

Ryan Walsh said...

Or atleast small episodes or something.

Ryan Walsh said...

I spoke to much didnt I.... god dammit I get worked up over things like this I dont know why. After the video interview of you I got so anxious and wanted to speak my mind. I dont know why I have to get like this. And I know we already discussed this about halo and A District 10. Yes I know. I should shut my yapper... I sorry Once again To you King Fat Boss!

Greg Broadmore said...

Hey Ryan,
It's enthusiasm like yours that makes creating movies and worlds so rewarding for me and others at Weta, so please don't shut that 'yapper' on my account.

The interview did actually go over Dr. G also and that part will come later, perhaps in October/November.

Yes, Neill would have created a stunning and powerful take on the Halo universe, but it's because of that possibility falling over, that we got to create District 9, and so for, me it more than evens out.

The Halo series continues on (very much looking forward to Reach - should arrive any day now) so with any luck, the film may become a reality again.
I'm not sure that it would involve Weta or Neill, but it has all the ingredients for an epic sci-fi action film. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

In the meantime however, you've got Neill's next big sci-fi film to look forward to.
Maybe there's something in the pipe for Grordbort's too?

Ryan Walsh said...

In Greek mythology, Elysium (Greek: Ἠλύσια πεδία) was a section of the Underworld

The ruler of Elysium varies from author to author; Pindar names the ruler as Kronos, released from Tartarus and ruling in a palace:

And those that have three times kept to their oaths,

Keeping their souls clean and pure,

Never letting their hearts be defiled by the taint

Of evil and injustice,

And barbaric venality,

They are led by Zeus to the end:

To the palace of Kronos

Other authors claim that Kronos remained in Tartarus for all eternity, and the judge was another, sometimes Rhadamanthys.

Ryan Walsh said...

Plot for Elysium

The Year is 2112.

Robots and Humans must defend Earth from Superior Alien Life forms. Alien Lifeforms infest Earth quickly.

Lots of wars and famine, disease and hunger, poverty.
New world order is formed, Conscription acts are implemented. ICBMS and Nukes.
Plasma Rifles, Panzer 1000 type tanks, Lots of big mechs.

The End.

Ryan Walsh said...

one- third of the population is consumed by aliens.

I forgot to mention that part..

Ryan Walsh said...

As long as its Sci-fi Elysium will be f-sweeeeeet!

Ryan Walsh said...

Then you can have this one Scene, Where Aliens are trying to ambush the president white house. And SNS troops scrammble to there posts and theres nothing but gun fire and closing in enemies on the heavily fortified white house. The whole white house can be one big fortification installation remodded. Then lots of barbwire traps the pathetic alien in there death tramps and the plasma bolts rip right through them, and they just squeeling like sons a bitchz

Greg Broadmore said...

I don't know if thats Elysium, but I will definitely pay money to see the film you have just described.

Ryan Walsh said...

Lol :) So whats this Elysium all about,, Oh wait, I forgot,, you cant release that kind of information

Ryan Walsh said...