Monday, 6 September 2010

Simian Wukong

This is a piece I did a few years back now. Found it buried at the back of my garden - I clean forgot about it!

I've been really interested in Sun Wukong, the Monkey King since I was a kid.
A lot of people might remember the super fun Japanese television show, and while that hooked me, it wasn't until I read an English translation for Journey to the West that I became properly fascinated with the character.

While I was in Shanghai I got to talking about Monkey again with a young guy, Jackee, who helped us put on the Grordbort's and Weta exhibition there, and he gave me a new, four volume set of Journey to the West, by a different translator.

It reminded me that I really like these types of characters, and that in a way, I've made my own, Lord Cockswain in a similar mold.
Sun Wukong is really an anti-hero, and an indomitable ego, someone beyond the influence of anyone - Kings, Gods and public officials are just obstacles or annoyances.

Something about that sort of impervious psyche is appealing to me, and fun to embody in a character.


Bryan Wynia said...

Great image. Nice work!

Luke Harrington said...

Thanks for your work, I'm humbled and inspired!


Unknown said...


James said...

I love this piece, I was born in the year of the Monkey and have had a soft spot for the Monkey King for some time, right on the top of my head.

Ryan Walsh said...

Vicious.. Imagine this thing going ape-shit on someone.

androobaker said...

great piece man! you should do this for a living!

Frank Victoria said...

Sun Wukong kicks ass! Nice energetic painting !