Wednesday, 9 March 2011 relaunches!


After months of hard work, I'm pleased to finally reveal the re-launch of Dr. Grordbort's official website.
We started the website to showcase my Rayguns, books and dozens of other curios many years ago now, but after focusing my attention on bigger, longer term aspects of Dr.G  over the last year, it kinda fell out of my day to day focus.
No more! is back and better than ever.

The website is the result of a lot of hard work by amazing artist and graphic designer Hans Kleinenberg, and futuristic space coder Eli Thomas.

So please, hop over and enjoy the new site, and check out the new Dr Grordbort video, Onward to Victory, animated by Steve Lambert.

Keep checking back - we have some exciting news on the horizon!


Unknown said...

Heyyya the link is not working :(

Greg Broadmore said...

Hey Kanishk, I've just checked them from here and they seem to work fine - can I ask what browser you use and where you're from?


SHOo said...

Niiiiice! No, seriously, it looks great!

Phillip Dickenson said...

I love it! Cannot wait to get my Dingus Directory :)

Ryan Walsh said...

Im using the Internet works fine here Greg.

Captcha; heo moot

Unknown said...

Heyy Hii Greg
am from India
its working fine now..... :)