Saturday 17 March 2012

GDC Phone Sketches

Some sketches from my new toy - a Galaxy Note phone - it has a damn pressure-sensitive wacom style pen! 
These are mostly from during a recent trip to the US to attend GDC.  Sketched during my spare moments between talks, meetings and whiskeys.


Admin said...

Great work Greg - can I ask what app you used on the Note to do this?

And how are you finding the Note - I looked at a demo it because of the pressure sensitive stylus but it seemed pretty 'laggy' in the note taking app?

Ryan Walsh said...

I luvz Denoz

Ryan Walsh said...

Mid ones remind me of Thumbwars'

Cavematty said...

Shit yeah Greg! Love these. Especially the dashing fellow top right. Something about that drawing reminds me of Chris Sanders or something... CUTE!

So did you actually ditch the i-phone for this device, or are you currently dual wielding? And did you get it in Kiwiland or the states? VERY interested in this line of tech (obviously. Duh.).

Ryan Walsh said...

I sooner draw on the Ipad thingies than a phone tho..

Ben Greene said...

Ugh, yeah, waiting on my provider to get this phone! I've been waiting for many months just for it to come to the state...glad to hear/see how well it performs!

Also, I'm crazy bummed that you were at GDC and I didn't get the chance to say hey :/

Love these sketches :D

Pearce said...

These are fat, boss! Very cool, all of them. I think that Cockswain line drawing is my fav.
Question re Samsung Note; does its software only allow characters to look to the left or is that a limitation of the hardware?

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks fellahs.
Admin - if that is your real name... I did them on the default software the Note has built in - the SMemo app.
It's totally workable. No colour picker which is a bit stink, but otherwise good.
It is a little laggy, but you know, you work to it's limitations.
There are other painting apps of course, but none that I know of use the Notes pressure sensitivity.

CM - I still have my Iphone, but for all the Notes idiosyncrasies, I think I'll stick with it over a new Iphone.
Iphones are definitely much smoother and more predictable to use, but I'm loving this huge screen and the pen.

And yes,CP, the thing is, Samsung who make the device, are from South Korea, which is to New Zealand's left. Hence all the drawings face left.
It's simple science my friend.

Stuart Thomas said...

whoa all of those rule! also love the texture you painted on the vege burger dudes head :0
Now I don't know what what new bit of protable tech to get :I

Ryan Walsh said...

There are so many artists who use these hand-held drawing devices. Why don't they create a perfect one that tailors for artists only.

Ryan Walsh said...

Call it the i-artist tablet