Monday 14 July 2008


This picture depicts an angry dude who wants to club the viewer to death.
I wanted it to be an allegory for modern mass media's subliminal bombardment of masculine stereotyping... aaah, I can't keep that up. I don't even know what 'allegory' means.
It's actually another picture I did at Weta for Radical Comic's Hercules property.

Wednesday 9 July 2008

Raygun Princess

This piece was done in some spare time at Weta as a design for my friend, and boss man, Richard Taylor.
It's a hood ornament design for his Citroen Coupe . The car is a beautiful old 1930's era (I think) classic that Richard wanted a sleek retro futuristic ornament for.
This design was actually the rejected one.
The final design (I may post it later) was more Deco styled and symmetrical, more suitable for the cars aesthetic..
This one was fun too so I made a poster of it which resides in Weta's design room.

Sunday 6 July 2008

The Hiker

What is the story behind this piece? I can't remember, I was drunk when I drew it.
I don't endorse drawing drunk though.
Stay off the hooch kids.


This piece was done today, took probably two or three hours? Quite a long time for the result really. Still, it's fun, simple and chunky.

Wednesday 2 July 2008

Ruric - Medieval Angry Man

More blood and guts. This was done for Radical Comics for their property, Medieval.
It was a really quick piece and took maybe a few hours. Not that I am that efficient all the time.
Initially he had a beard, but it got a quick photoshop shave in the second iteration.
I really enjoy quick illustrations like this, they're the most fun. Best to get a simple concept done and dusted before you have a chance to mess it up by labouring it.
Much thanks to Radical for a fun job.

Here be Dragon

This ornery beast is a Dragon (no shit) that I illustrated for a French publication, L'univers des Dragons Tome 2.
It's not out yet but the previous edition is on sale now and includes the work of John Howe, Paul Bonner and Guillermo Gonzalez amongst others.
I'm not usually really into doing traditional fantasy illustration so much, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to draw a Dragon. They're like wacky Dinosaurs.
I wanted to make it a classic fire breather, as is the implication here, but treat it as just a big animal, not a malevolent intelligence or anything.
You can see the fist book here and buy it here
Volume 2 will be out at the end of September 08.

Tuesday 1 July 2008

Hercules and Mates

This line up of ye olde thugs is a piece I did through Weta Workshop for Radical Comics. It's just been printed as a wrap around cover for an issue of their Hercules comic.
I actually went through a few couple versions before I got to this one and it was worth it, the earlier ones were shite.
This version must be better because it has lot's of spilled blood and brains.
Thanks to Dave Elliott for badgering me until I got it right.
You can visit their website here.

When Space was on Drugs....

Here we see a friendly astronaut (or cosmonaut, let's not be racist) greeting a lovable alien quadraped. How fun!
Later they might sit down for petting and cuddles, or maybe the jovial human explorer will glass the planet from orbit and zone it for interstellar strip malls.
I hope it's the first option.
I did this bright and sunny picture for my good friend Steve Unwin's (Weta Workshop photographer) son Idris.
I was sober when creating it.

Robot has body image issues

When I was 12, I wanted to grow up and have Arnold Schwarzeneggers biceps. This didn't happen.
Despite this, sometimes, I think our future robotic overlords will have similar aspirations.