Monday 19 September 2011


All my art energy these days is going into finishing my next Dr. G book and Team Fortress 2, so no new personal art to show (it's like a video game - I have a certain amount of points to spend on art each week. A substantially larger amount is spent on finding funny pictures of cats and a larger amount again is used levelling up my beer gut)
But, and it is a very big butt, I do have a new song to share.
Why's it called Purse you ask? Because I like the word purse. I like saying it. I like typing it.
There I've said it - it's out. Purse. Pursey pursey purse purse.

Thursday 8 September 2011

Dum Dum

New song! This is the first half decent recording of a song I've had in my head and fingers for a while now.
Boy the drums were a workout!

Monday 5 September 2011


Many moons ago, I played in bands. All very noisy, all very loud.
One band, the Goat Rapists, or Ghidrah as we called ourselves publicly, toured all around New Zealand in my shitty, rusty old Mitsubishi Sigma.

Me, Christian Pearce and Brian Holloway, jammed drums, amps and all into that much loved tin can.

Heady days... we played with The Melvins once, and Fugazi.

Ian MacKaye walked past us after the Fugazi show and said, 'good show' or something to that effect, but I interpreted it as "You smoked hobo dicks'

Good times.

Anyoldways, plz enjoy this new musak what I wrote the other day.

Thursday 1 September 2011


I've been recording some more music lately.
This is the equivalent of a rough sketch I guess - quick, scribbly and fun.
Hope you like.


Unscripted starts tomorrow - come along if you live in Wellington. There's gonna be a ton of great art there and even some of my coloured scribblings. Just in case things got too classy.

Oh yeah, I should clarify, that despite what the linked article says below, I am not Weta's lead concept artist (although I was for District 9). Weta design  doesn't really have leads except sometimes by project.
There are a ton of incredible concept artists here and I would never lead any of them. Except to the pub. To have a beer. A VPA preferably.

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