Sunday 29 September 2013

Travel Scribbles pt 3

So, when I watch films or play games, a special kind of synesthesia kicks in.
Some synesthetes confuse colours and smells, some correlate sounds with shapes, some even associate couplings of roman numerals with sexual positions.
But it seems I alone, confuse Matt Damon with a Ceratosaurus.
So I apologise for what must seem to some a tenuously vague artistic connection with recent pop culture.
I present as some form of recompense, these scenes from something a little more classic and recognisable: Debbie Does Dallas.
By virtue of decency I've omitted the more risque moments and focused more on the scenes of character development.

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Travel Scribbles pt 2

Boy oh boy, there was a colossal backlash against my GTA5 inspired fan art from the previous post, with some emailing me to tell me that the likenesses were awful, and that Trevor should look more like a haggard hobo Vince Vaughn than a loosely speculative Allosaurus, and I've taken that to heart.
This time I've chosen to showcase drawings inspired by... umm, Elysium... I particularly like the one of Kruger in an imagined and likely scene where he mows the lawn, which he would have had to have done at some point or another between the killings and the punch-ups.

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Travel Scribbles pt 1

What could possibly be better for an artwork blog post than pop topicality. That's why I thought that fan art based on GTA5 at this particular moment could be a real hit.
With that in mind, I thought I'd present these sketches (doodled on a recent trip) of Franklin, Trevor and Michael in various 'kick ass' scenarios.
Now, I've taken the artistic liberty of imagining them as dinosaurs, in situations unrelated to the game proper, but I think the connection is implicit.