Sunday 29 September 2013

Travel Scribbles pt 3

So, when I watch films or play games, a special kind of synesthesia kicks in.
Some synesthetes confuse colours and smells, some correlate sounds with shapes, some even associate couplings of roman numerals with sexual positions.
But it seems I alone, confuse Matt Damon with a Ceratosaurus.
So I apologise for what must seem to some a tenuously vague artistic connection with recent pop culture.
I present as some form of recompense, these scenes from something a little more classic and recognisable: Debbie Does Dallas.
By virtue of decency I've omitted the more risque moments and focused more on the scenes of character development.

1 comment:

comrademojo said...

Greg I would 100% buy a swoleasaurus rex "do you even lift bro" shirt to wear to the gym.