Thursday 30 April 2009

Prints and 99 Dodgy Slips Books available

Eyeball Kicks, a great little pop-art (best term I could think of - they sell excellent art prints, books and toys) store in Wellington, is now selling one of my personal prints.
Idrisopod meets Earth man was a painting that I did for a friends son and I believe it's limited to 20 pieces.
They're also selling the 99 Dodgy Slips books for $99 NZD and they ship internationally.

I have various other prints and limited edition posters for sale. These are all from the Dr. Grordbort's world and you can get them at the Wetacave in Wellington or from the online store at WetaNZ.
Check that shit out!
You know, if ya want to.

Wednesday 29 April 2009

The Battery Updated

I've been deep in Dr. Grordbort's land writing my follow up book for the last three months so I've barely had a chance to update the blog. In the background however, my good friend David Vega Morales has been updating my main website The Battery.
It doesn't look or function a whole lot differently, but it's now way easier for me to update. So when I have time I'll be able to put up new images etc..
Please come along and check it out. There are a few new images in the latest gallery.
After the new Grordbort book comes out (later this year, look for an announcement at Comic Con), I'll finally put a whole bunch of that artwork up. I'm really looking forward to seeing all this work finally made public. It's been a huge job.
The Battery is now my personal site but you can check out my Battery founding partner, Warren Mahy's work at the Mahy Studio.
He draw good.