Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Battery Updated

I've been deep in Dr. Grordbort's land writing my follow up book for the last three months so I've barely had a chance to update the blog. In the background however, my good friend David Vega Morales has been updating my main website The Battery.
It doesn't look or function a whole lot differently, but it's now way easier for me to update. So when I have time I'll be able to put up new images etc..
Please come along and check it out. There are a few new images in the latest gallery.
After the new Grordbort book comes out (later this year, look for an announcement at Comic Con), I'll finally put a whole bunch of that artwork up. I'm really looking forward to seeing all this work finally made public. It's been a huge job.
The Battery is now my personal site but you can check out my Battery founding partner, Warren Mahy's work at the Mahy Studio.
He draw good.

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