Saturday 30 May 2009

You Went Down

Ok, so I like to think of myself as a pretty good illustrator most of the time. I've designed for many movies, illustrated dozens of books, created a whole world of Rayguns, robots and intergalactic racism with Dr. Grordbort's (new book in November plug plug).
So I thought, 'I wonder how excellent am I at animation?".
Turns out, not very.

Nevertheless, the results are out on the internet and hey, all in all, they're kinda cute.

Oh yeah. You might be wondering how these hyper realistic moving images were created. Is it some new version of Maya running on twelve Playstation 3's? Or did he get the render wall at Weta Digital cranking for a few weeks? Neither of these is true.
It's a little app, like Colors for the DS called Animanatee that you can create quick animations on.
I did almost all these lying in bed at night when I shoulda been reading a clever book.



Tuesday 26 May 2009

99 Dodgy Slips Video

Well, I finally got round to uploading a video of some of my 99 Dodgy Slips images being created in Colors.
Christian and I did this during the exhibition, they were on continuous playback for the duration of the show. Now Christians video has had some great success getting onto Jalopnik (a car blog) and Kotaku, one of my favourite blogs entirely about videogames.
So I thought, "You tard, put a video up while you still give a damn."
Here it is!

Watch it while you can. 99 Dodgy Slips, of course, has nudity and reveals parts of feminine anatomy that some people seem to enjoy being offended by.
I won't be surprised if it's taken down quick smart.

Sunday 17 May 2009

The Boozer

He stays out all night, drowning his sorrows.
You'd stay out on the turps too if you were just told by your manufacturer that you were an android and not actually sentient, just programmed to think you were sentient.
That shit is deep. Think about it...

Sunday 3 May 2009


What is this thing? I have no fucking idea.
I fell asleep at the wacom, woke up...hello.... whatever the fuck you are...
If you have any idea, you are probably on drugs.
Remember, winners don't use drugs.
Except for medical mary-jane. Winners love that.
It cures their lumbago.

Friday 1 May 2009

District 9 Trailer up

The trailer for Neill Blomkamps District 9 is up and I am smiling.
This is the only film I've taken time away from Dr. Grordbort's to work on at Weta over the last couple years, and it's finally nearing completion.
It's personally very exciting for me to finally see this trailer. I consider the design work I've done one this film to be my best so far, and it's incredibly gratifying to see a glimpse of it finally made public.
Check it out here.