Tuesday 26 May 2009

99 Dodgy Slips Video

Well, I finally got round to uploading a video of some of my 99 Dodgy Slips images being created in Colors.
Christian and I did this during the exhibition, they were on continuous playback for the duration of the show. Now Christians video has had some great success getting onto Jalopnik (a car blog) and Kotaku, one of my favourite blogs entirely about videogames.
So I thought, "You tard, put a video up while you still give a damn."
Here it is!

Watch it while you can. 99 Dodgy Slips, of course, has nudity and reveals parts of feminine anatomy that some people seem to enjoy being offended by.
I won't be surprised if it's taken down quick smart.


SHOo said...

Fascinating, guys! Mesmerizing!!

James said...


Texas with a dollar sign. Stunning.

Greg Broadmore said...

The vid got linked on Kotaku and Gizmodo amongst others in the last few days and is getting a great response.
A few cries of sexist from some who seem to miss the irony, but that was to be expected.

Escuela Mexicana de Turismo said...

Great job, you have more paintings?

Greg Broadmore said...

Hey Roberto, yes there are 99 altogether. You can see some if you scroll down the page and more at www.99DS.net
They're still for sale also. $99 NZD each.

jbachdesign said...

You are obviously a master. Way too funny!