Wednesday 27 October 2010

White Cloud Worlds signing at Unity book store in Wellington

No new artwork yet I'm sorry. Coming soon, I promise.

In the meantime, if you're in Wellington, come on down and say hi to us at Unity bookstore (best bookstore in Wellington) for the White Cloud Worlds book signing.

And thanks to everyone who came by at Armageddon in Auckland.
Was fun!

5pm Saturday 30th October 2010.

Tuesday 5 October 2010

New Books - Art of District 9 and White Cloud Worlds

Two new books featuring my work, as well as that of many others from Weta Workshop are nearing release.

The Art of District 9 which was put together by Weta's Daniel Falconer is out soon. This weekend in fact.
I, along with Leri Greer, David Meng, Daniel and Richard Taylor will be presenting a short talk this Friday about the making of the movie at Wellingtons Embassy Theater as part of a launch event for the book, and following that a few of us will be signing copies at the Wetacave.
If you're in Wellington, come along and say hi.

It's a pretty stunning book if I do say so, and showcases a massive chunk of the work we did on the film. You'll get to see plenty of art that's never been seen before, like Christian Pearce's early concepts that didn't make it into the film, but formed a bedrock for us to work from, as well as some of my production art featuring much earlier iterations of the final designs.

Following that, White Cloud Worlds is due out, which is an anthology of New Zealand fantasy and sci-fi art.
It's the result of the earnest efforts of my good friends and fellow Wetites, Paul Tobin and Kate Jorgenson.
I'm super proud to be part of it as I've always sought after books of this type my whole life - compendiums of fantastical art - and now I get to be in one of the best.

I hope you enjoy them!

Monday 4 October 2010

Dr. Grordbort's: RAYGUN App for Iphone

Yo! Apologies for the lack of new artwork round these parts. I did some really great stuff, but the dog ate it, I swear.

In the meantime though, check this shit out - We went and made a Dr. Grordbort's raygun app!
Well, more accurately, Touchcast and Carnival Labs went and made it, and I looked at it and said "oooh, that looks nice!".

Now, those high falutin' types who have an iphone can get their hands on one of my rayguns and do what they've always dreamed of - Turn a defenseless animal into giblets and mist.