Monday, 4 October 2010

Dr. Grordbort's: RAYGUN App for Iphone

Yo! Apologies for the lack of new artwork round these parts. I did some really great stuff, but the dog ate it, I swear.

In the meantime though, check this shit out - We went and made a Dr. Grordbort's raygun app!
Well, more accurately, Touchcast and Carnival Labs went and made it, and I looked at it and said "oooh, that looks nice!".

Now, those high falutin' types who have an iphone can get their hands on one of my rayguns and do what they've always dreamed of - Turn a defenseless animal into giblets and mist.


Ryan Walsh said...

=( I dont have Iphone otherwise I would...

I really like Grordborts concept. I really think that maybe there needs to be Grordborts videa-game.

I know I havnt seen the Grordborts comic yet... too broke right now.

All I can do is gamemodel a snowball grordborts style gun for this stupid goofy penguin V-game fps quick game maker 3D game..

Ryan Walsh said...

There is a Real Fallout 3 Feeling concept to your rayguns

Ryan Walsh said...

You know what make a good Grordborts scene..

Is a make shift- kind of saloon with them old robots serving people and stuff and robot playing piano, and then all a sudden Grordborts and his men bust in the place. Then some district 9 type alien style guys are drunk and then maybe grordborts reads out a law and starts arresting people and aliens or something. or maybe a chase seen out the backdoor or something.

Jay said...

Any plans for a Droid version?