Monday 31 October 2011

Diplodorkus - Redux

Ho! Long time no post.
Back with an oldie that I've just given a little digital dust off.
I've always wanted to do a book based these 'Dino's meet World War Gone' illustrations, but they looked a bit creaky to me, so I've started to rework them in my spare moments.
Hope you like.
I'm off to Utopiales in Nantes, France next week - if you're going, please come and say hi.

Thursday 6 October 2011

Dr Grordbort's Pomsons ship

I almost never show off my Dr G world here on the blog. I like to keep my personal work and my Dr G work separate (even though they are really one and the same) for some reason that I can't quite even make sense of myself...
So breaking tradition, and wanting to put some imagery up here again for a change, and simply because I was so excited to see my Pomsons finally leaving Weta with their shiny new paint-jobs, I thought I'd share them here too.
If you want a bit more info, head on over to the Dr G website.