Friday 28 November 2008

Dragon Abuse

Another Dragon! Again, this is for French publishers Daniel Maghen who publish a series of books on Dragons.
This image is for Volume 3 which will be published next year some time.
I wanted to create a very different image from the last one I did.
The first one was of a powerful looking beast and this guys almost the complete antithesis.
A meek, brow beaten creature, chained and subdued.
While talking about this piece with my friend Jamie Beswarick, a fellow designer at Weta Workshop , he mentioned the behaviour of a circus or captive Elephant that's been restrained with a small, short chain since infancy. Even when fully grown they think this now pitiful chain will hold them and so don't move beyond it's bounds. That's exactly the sort of mindset I imagined for this guy.
He doesn't know his own strength.
I like the idea that one day, this Dragon will lose it and eviscerate his keeper. He goes Dragon postal if you will.