Tuesday 18 August 2009


My new Dr. Grordbort's book: Victory is finished and nearing it's release date.
Darkhorse are publishing again and they will be releasing it on November the 11th.
As you can appreciate, I've named it something a little shorter than my last book this time: Victory - although it's full title is still a mouthful Dr. Grordbort Presents: Victory - Scientific Adventure Violence for Young Men and Literate Women.

This new book is sort of an adventure annual - although, within the context of the universe of Dr. Grordbort, I consider it propaganda for children. I'll leave you to interpret that as you will.

It fleshes out much more of the Grordbort's world than ever before and I think it is some of my best work so far - but I would say that wouldn't I?
It's not shit, I can promise you that much at least.
Here is a little sneak peak at what to expect!
Enjoy! (or complain - it's up to you. This is the internet after all)



District 9

So District 9 is out at last and the reception has been amazing. I've really only heard good things from people and nothing but compliments for all our work on the film at Weta Workshop.
I saw the film in San Diego while I was over for Comic Con, and I gotta admit, I was nervous. Surrounded by journalists, it's hard to be objective with something you've worked so intently on for so long.

Those nerves disappeared pretty quick once the film got started though - Neill's vision came through so clearly and powerfully, and between that and Sharlto's incredible performance, I was just dragged along for the ride. I even got a little weepy in bits! What a sissy.

Plus I got kinda buzzed when I saw my Exo Suit design running around at the end fucking annihilating everything!
The modellers at Weta Digital and the painters and animators at Embassey VFX just nailed everything I imagined it to be and added so much more.
I can tell you, there's a really powerful childlike thrill that you get when you see something you've drawn and designed come to life like that. It is truly nerdy.
Oh yeah, plus all my guns turning dudes to mist! Ha ha! Fuck, I must be a frikkin' psychopath or something.... I swear, I'm actually a vegetarian!

I'll post concept art from the film as and when I get approval.