Sunday 14 July 2013

Ghidoragh -Threat Level Ultra

We gone and done it - our first Ghidoragh EP , Threat Level Ultra is out.

Ghidoragh (or Ghidrah or Ghidorah, it's evolved over the years) is myself, Brian Holloway and Christian Pearce and we formed back in Hamilton, way back when.
We've been back together again and playing for a while, and the culmination of all that calamity is Threat Level Ultra.

It's out on Band camp and is whatever frikkin' price you like. 
If I know you well enough, that price is free, but hey, why not think of us as a charity for morons who can't stop screaming while a bunch of instruments go through a wood chipper? Go on, give us a fiver! Actually, maybe find a real charity to give your hard earneds to... Hmmm, now I feel guilty.

Okay, I'm over that - Did I mention that there are 50 copies of special edition version,  that comes in a custom Amiga style computer game box, and includes the whole EP on 3.5" floppy disk! 
Some people say that format is dead, but we're backing it for a comeback.

Christian and I tag-teamed the artwork and Brian did the layout.
The whole package is as faithful to the 80's/90's Psygnosis Amiga games as we could make it, with custom stickers, game manual, neatly folder poster art and chiptune versions of all the songs.

I've been part of some pretty neat things in my years, but you know what? I'm more proud of this lil' baby than almost anything else.

Massive thanks to Jeramiah Ross (aka Module) who helped us mix and master it.

Have a listen!