Tuesday 24 July 2012

Villains and Assassins

Strychnin Gallery in Berlin is having a new show opening 10th of August featuring some incredible artists.
I have a couple pieces in the show including this limited edition piece called Robot Killer and one of the Dr. Grordbort's Rayguns.

At the moment, Strychnin is the only gallery in the world to sell Robot Killer and it's limited to 20 prints.

That's right 20. I said 20 and I mean 20. 
After all 20 are sold, I will delete the files but burn one last copy to a USB stick. I will then cover it in peanut butter, eat it, digest it and shit it into sewerific oblivion where only giant rats or crocodiles can reproduce it for their unknowable subterranean purposes.

Although not clinically tested, purchasing one of these prints will likely cure your lumbago and dog-herpes, so between that and the sewer thing, you kinda have to buy one.

The show features some annoyingly terrific artists like George Pratt, Christian Gossett, Paul Tobin, and my personal favourite, Many More.

I will also not be doing the USB sewer thing.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Bestiary of the Cosmos part 4

A new Venusian creature from my Bestiary of the Cosmos series, Milton's Drunken Fussock.

Read more about it here at DrGrordborts.com, and check out the others I posted previously on the blog  here:
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