Wednesday 4 March 2009

99DS Opening Night Photos

OK, so 99 Dodgy Slips & 99 Deadly Sleds is already over, but wanted to throw some pics up of the opening night anyway.
It was a fun night and lots of friends and a few weirdos came along to enjoy the amazing selection of complimentary bananas, banana lollies and banana flavoured milk.
Oh, yeah, they looked at the art too and all of them said nice things so I was very happy.

Many of the prints sold from the exhibition during it's time open, but we still have some available as well as the art books which compile all the images.
If anyone is interested please get in touch via the comments and I'll figure out a way to get them to you.
The prints are from one part of only two editions (edition one of all 99 prints having sold before the opening of the show) and sell for NZ$99 each (roughly USD$50 at the time of writing).
The limited edition art books also sell for NZ$99.
Christians prints and books are available for the same amount.

Thanks again to all that came along.

Photos by Steve Unwin!


Chris Guise said...

Many congrats, Garrg! I found this to be a highly entertaining and informative exhibition. No longer will I run around in the nuddy just in case I suffer from a disastrous banana skin mishap like the poor females you portray in your artwork.

Greg Broadmore said...

Ho ho! Thank you Fried. I have just found your blog today and added a sweet sweet link to it.
I am trying to comment on that exquisite portrait you have up but it wont let me sign in!
What a gyp!!!

Chris Guise said...

I return your thanks and praise with more thanks and praise, kind sir. Your invisible comments on my page and the "sweet sweet link" to it on your page are much appreciated.

Tally ho, good sir!

James said...

Did you put you show inside of a storage container. That's wicked if you did. The artwork looks fantastic.

Daniel said...

Hi Grag,
is it too late to get a print or an art book?
regards, Daniel

Greg Broadmore said...

Hey Daniel,
No, not at all. Many of the prints are sold, but we have some great ones left.
Art books are getting low on stock, but I have a few left for now.

murk loppo said...

hey greg,
I just wanted to ask if there some prints left,
greets from munich