Wednesday 25 September 2013

Travel Scribbles pt 2

Boy oh boy, there was a colossal backlash against my GTA5 inspired fan art from the previous post, with some emailing me to tell me that the likenesses were awful, and that Trevor should look more like a haggard hobo Vince Vaughn than a loosely speculative Allosaurus, and I've taken that to heart.
This time I've chosen to showcase drawings inspired by... umm, Elysium... I particularly like the one of Kruger in an imagined and likely scene where he mows the lawn, which he would have had to have done at some point or another between the killings and the punch-ups.


Frank Victoria said...

Hi Hi I know... what!

Greg Broadmore said...

Mucho Gracios Amigo as they say where you're from. You are from Thailand, right ?

gavin mouldey said...

Is that Centrosaurus talking to me?