Friday 16 May 2008

99 Dodgy Slips

These are a few of the images that I'll be showing in an upcoming exhibition. I did them all over my three weeks Christmas 2008 holiday on my Nintendo DS with an amazing piece of software written by Jens Andersson called Colors.
Whenever I had a spare 5 minutes, in bed, on the couch at a friends, waiting outside a shop while my girl went shopping, on the can, wherever I was I would draw one on of these.
Most of them took about 2 or 3 minutes, but a few cantankerous examples took almost an hour!
I thought I'd do maybe 100 or so, maybe 125 and then do an exhibition with the results. As it turned out, the software only supported 99 file saves, so I had my total images decided for me by a fucking robot! Still, it was a wise robot, cos I was beginning to get RSI.
Why girls slipping on Banana peels? Excellent question!

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