Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Brandywine Museum

I recently returned from a trip to the States where I visited a fair few places, spent time in a lot of museums and saw a lot of really inspiring art.
The pinnacle of all this, for me, was seeing the illustrative art of American Illustrator of the turn of the last century N. C. Wyeth.
I made a special trip south of New York city to Wilmington, Delaware where I visited the Brandywine museum.
This simple but astounding little museum contained dozens of his original artworks which were so astounding to me that I can't really put it into words.
For me it was as close to a 'spiritual' experience as a guy who doesn't believe in spirits is ever going to get.
The Museum also houses dozens of Howard Pyle pieces (they've had 100 new pieces donated to them recently which they have on rotation) which are also astounding to see up close.
On top of that, they have many works by N. C. Wyeth's son and grandson as well as a few by Harvey Dunn and Frank Schoonover amongst many others.
If you are ever close to Delaware, go and visit, you won't regret it.
Unless you are suffering from the brain damage...


Pearce said...

I think I should clarify for your dedicated readers- the Brandywine Museum contains neither 'brandy' nor 'wine'. Just trying to help out your more inebriated followers which are, let's be honest, most of 'em.
Kudos on the Cosby link though. I fucken love it.

Greg Broadmore said...

Nope, you are very right, it had neither that I could see.
I believe it's a BYOB Museum.

Ryan Rasmussen said...

Thanks for the tip on the new Pyle works. I'll have to go check them out.