Tuesday 18 August 2009

District 9

So District 9 is out at last and the reception has been amazing. I've really only heard good things from people and nothing but compliments for all our work on the film at Weta Workshop.
I saw the film in San Diego while I was over for Comic Con, and I gotta admit, I was nervous. Surrounded by journalists, it's hard to be objective with something you've worked so intently on for so long.

Those nerves disappeared pretty quick once the film got started though - Neill's vision came through so clearly and powerfully, and between that and Sharlto's incredible performance, I was just dragged along for the ride. I even got a little weepy in bits! What a sissy.

Plus I got kinda buzzed when I saw my Exo Suit design running around at the end fucking annihilating everything!
The modellers at Weta Digital and the painters and animators at Embassey VFX just nailed everything I imagined it to be and added so much more.
I can tell you, there's a really powerful childlike thrill that you get when you see something you've drawn and designed come to life like that. It is truly nerdy.
Oh yeah, plus all my guns turning dudes to mist! Ha ha! Fuck, I must be a frikkin' psychopath or something.... I swear, I'm actually a vegetarian!

I'll post concept art from the film as and when I get approval.


Unknown said...

I want this exosuit as a weta collectible (sigh). Meanwhile, the next weta cast should contain a nice interview from you on D9. That will do the trick while I wait another month to see this movie in France.

robin_chyo said...

I agree, an exosuit and some of the weapons would be awesome to own (although i saw that one ebay auction for the arc gun that went for about 1500$!). anyways, excellent job on the movie! everyone i know loved it and the designs! hope to see an artbook out for this someday :)

Mike Majestic said...

I caught District 9 on an early morning show opening day. Quite simply... it rocked epic hardcore. I feel, no hype here, that D9 is the first modern sci-fi film (in a long time) to really evoke the boldness and bravery of the old school classics we all grew up on; films like Alien, Aliens, Blade Runner, Terminator, etc. I'm pretty confident to believe you guys have a cult classic right out the gate, Folks will remember this film for years to come. It was a risky, smart, refreshing, visually spectacular, and most entertaining film. The fact it only cost 30 million is immensely impressive and a testament to the work you all did.

Now as to that exo-suit... I humbly feel it's the best Hollywood/Western mecha/bot to grace the screen. That is to say, clearly it was shooting for that classic genre "mecha" aesthetic and you utterly nailed it Greg. It's visually pleasing in terms of it's aesthetics, profile, and flow (mecha cred) and it was utterly badass in the FX teams execution of the design, the thing just plain rocked :) Pulping dudes indeed.

As a fellow who both digs and has drawn his fair share of mecha designs, as well, I can't help but tip my hat to you good sir. I also wish to congratulate you, Neil Blomkamp, Peter Jackson (for his faith in Neil), and all the creative folks involved on such a powerful film. I'm very happy it's already a success as we need more bold film makers, like Neil, proving quality genre films CAN succeed. A long post here but I really feel you guys deserve every ounce of accolades this film is getting. Absolute best man, inspiring work from all of you!

Mike Majestic <<*>> Vulne Pro
Hard Boiled Nouveau Animation Design

Moai said...

Congratulations! I've heard nothing but praise for this movie. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm going to very soon. Next week at the latest.
Awesome, awesome mech design. I look forward to seeing some concept art, once you get approval!

Ryan Rasmussen said...

Well, I missed seeing the exo suit(!), but enjoyed the other hardware all the same. I did my crazy little shout-out to D9 over on my blog, but really: kudos to you and the whole team behind the film. I think you've got the sleeper hit of the year on your hands!

SHOo said...

Just checked it out last weekend. It was alright.
No seriously, didn't have time to think about it during the film because I was too much IN it, but it was fantastic!
Congrats!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your work on it, the whole thing was, well, just great! Every bit rocked. And the exo-suit, what a beauty!!!

Unknown said...
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Alfonso de la Torre said...

Hey Greg, just saw D9 on opening day and It was completely amazing. It literally blew my socks off.
The Story was solid, and it took the whole audience for an epic adventure. The creatures designs are incredible,but best of all I thought was the exosuit design. I love that It was in the image of the aliens, which ultimately gave it a personality and life. I hope to see some of the concept art work in the future. Incredible work my friend

Anonymous said...

Please, please show us anything from D9 that you can!

maija said...

I just got back from seeing it. It was thrilling but also *just right* in how all of it was put together: the effects, the editing, the storytelling, the acting (I was shocked when I checked out Sharlto Copley's thin IMDb page). It's an elegantly assembled work of beauty. Cringe-inducing, BLORT!-matic 5000™ beauty. I don't know what the weapon is called that makes people go BLORT!, but that's what I'm calling it.

The tech was believably alien. All of my film-going companions remarked upon the inventive design.

The mecha suit made me blort myself.

I look forward to the art!

Sinead Lau said...

Hi Greg!
I saw District 9 last Friday, and I'm still thrilled about how good it was. Peter Jackson, Neill Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley should be very proud. And you too! All the weaponry and armour was phenomenal! Everyone in the cinema had their mouths hanging open, whispering 'WOW'. Now every time someone sees my mini-Raygun collection, I tell them- 'The guy who designed these rayguns designed the weapons and exo suit in District 9. He's unbelievably cool.'
You have a lot of fans you know :)

Congratulations on the GREAT success, and I hope I'll see you at the Shadow and Flame- Doctor Grordbort's infallible forum soon! (I'm Leaflock)

Jeff Cook said...

Excellent work Greg (yet again), and a one of the best films I've seen in a long time.
I can't wait to see your concept art when you post them here.

I'm also really looking forward to your next book. It will go great with 'The Dingus Directory' and 'Killer Robots will smash the World'. Could you autograph those sometime? :D

In the meantime 'The Dingus Directory' will still get the praise around this house.


Greg Broadmore said...

Wow - thanks everyone.
I'd love us (Weta) to do an Exosuit collectible -we'll see what happens.
I'm flat out at the moment but when I get a breather you should see a little concept work.

Jyynx said...

WOW! Great Job Greg! Loved the Exo-suit. I loved the sound when those guys got Vaporized! SPLURSH!

p.s. I even stayed for the Credits to see your name on the Big screen. What can I say, I'm a fan.

Jac said...

Congrats on your work on the flick... you've got your stamp on a classic.
Man, I loved that movie... {spoiler alert}I would have been happy if it ended with Wikus and Christopher managing to get into the mothership... but then comes the epic climax with the mech... it was almost too much too handle! Awesome.
Loved the guns too... man... I have to go watch it again soon.

Porl said...

You have single-handedly become my most favorite arty person. District 9 was fantastic, I have been scouring the intraweb for ANYTHING more than just 2 stills from the film of those awesome Prawns and that weaponry and all-powerful mecha suit. Brilliant creative stuff good sir. Thank you SO MUCH!!!

Legibbon said...

It's one of the best sci-fi movies I've seen in years!
All the weapons, aliens and robots designs are amazing and the story is really original!
Great job!!!

Unknown said...

D9 was fucking amazing man, that exo suit was totally bad ass... one kill blow upzaps! Take that earthlings haha.. greetings from Ecuador! Your creativity is inspiring people everywhere around here.

Greg Broadmore said...

Hey all, hell yeah, I loved the end sequence (of course I would). It was really stand out action sequence. The insta-gib kills were hilarious and disturbing at the same time. Loved it.
Oh yeah - greetings back to Equador! Gotta come visit your country some time!