Wednesday 30 June 2010

The Stroll

Nice day for a hikoi.


Teresa said...

I had to google that word...
it is true the Dr. Grordborts' exhibition would take place in hong kong? How do you get enough time to work with so much travels? (sorry, it's too early in the morning here, I won't take time to correct my abominable english).
btw, have a good time with the 'Imaging the Future' symposium, sounds like a great event to go to...but again, imposible.
may be later you can tell us about the experience here.

Greg Broadmore said...

Hey Teresa.
Yes, the Grordbort's exhibition as been in Hong Kong, but is on it's way to Shanghai next.
Will post about that next venue soon.
I would love to bring it to South America, as there are many places there that I'd love to visit. We'll see how things shake out.

How do I find the time to travel? Hell, i have no idea. I plan to do a lot less over the next year or two.
It's incredible fun, and I get to see amazing places with awesome people, but it can be very taxing on my time to create new work.

Your English is fantastic by the way.
I can barely speak the damn language and I grew up with it, but then I'm from New Zealand...

Pearce said...

A portrait of Future Broadmore™! Keep working and you will be able to afford that trolley!

Best of luck,

Current-Day Pearce™

my word verification is "pront". How apt!

Ryan Walsh said...

How the heck do you get the lines so crisp like that. What filters or something are u using. I like the painting very nice

Moai said...

You paint the best giant reptiles, man, I swear.

Greg Broadmore said...

Hey RWAG and Moai,
The crispness of the brush strokes is probably due to two things.
One is the brush I use.
It's custom brush but very easy to make.
It's a very crude brush in that it allows for little detail, and subtlety, but the upshot is this very chunky, hard edged feel that favours working quick.

Also, the sharpen edges filter.
Actually, it's probably just the sharpen edges filter.

Oh yeah, Current-Day Pearce™, Future Broadmore™ wants the twenty thousand dollars you owe him.
You might as well pay it now, save yourself grief down the line.

Ryan Walsh said...

Would you like that in rolled pennies or war bonds? maybe welfare Stamps?

Lol. Broadmore is Talented, Charming, Yet Hularious!

Thanks for the Idea of the brush style setup/technique. Intresting to hear about it your excellency

Anonymous said...

I like the backlighting on this one.(on his back)(the back backlighting)
Also the Impressionist blotching of the trolly.
And the atmospheric lightening to set the monster in the distance.
ANd the gormless look of the trolly man.
I know people like this. I like them.