Sunday 20 June 2010

Hydrochloric Euphoric

I thought I'd see if you can embed music in a blogspot post, and holy crap, you can!
So this is a piece of music I wrote a while back. It's called Hydrochloric Euphoric.
I wrote it under the band name Mucho Pudenda.
Now that I know how to embed an MP3, I may post a little more from time to time , although I very seldom record anything so don't expect a flood.

In case you wonder how it's made, and why it's so lo-fi, it was created in several impromptu takes on a loop pedal.
I play something, and if I like the sound of it, I record another take right over it, and repeat to taste.
You have no ability to adjust levels, and it renders it all in glorious mono, but it's a fun way to make off the cuff music, which is about all I have time for after working all week on Grordbort's and other Weta film work.

Hope you like.


JoWa said...

wow, sounds pretty amazing!! what´s the name of the band??

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks JoWa.
The band (of one)is called Mucho Pudenda, a thing I sometimes do in my spare time (like this blog!), for the fun of it. Glad you like it.

JoWa said...

haha, i commented before you edited your post, so now my question seems pretty stupid.
but again, sounds awesome, reminds me of stoner bands like yawning man und stuff ..

Zachary said...

Really like it. Theres something really appealing about raw, off-the-cuff music. I hope you post more.

JESTER said...

Nice! Was it recorded in a warehouse?
What instrument do you play?

Greg Broadmore said...

Hey Jester.
Mostly it was recorded DI - straight into a loop pedal. I play guitar, bass and drums (but not in this case - that's a loop too)