Tuesday 22 June 2010

The Trapeze

Sweet mother of Chris Christopherson, it's more god-damned music.
I know, I know, you come here for the strange robots and what do you get for your troubles? Half finished, poorly recorded music!
Well, give it a listen anyway. If it sucks, write me and I'll email you back your lost minute.
I promise.

It's another quick loop piece called The Trapeze. Why does it keep on looping you ask? It was made on a loop pedal
Give a cousin a break!


Moai said...

Heh, you're even cooler than I thought, Greg! Nice track. No hard feelings about the minute.

But, what I wanna know is, where did you upload and host that file, and how on Earth did you embed that nifty player? I have lots of original music I'd like to share online, and a music blog that I let die because of a really crappy file hosting service. Whatever it is that you're using would really come in handy.

Teresa said...

surprisingly, I liked it! The other one was really good too! It's ok to alternate music and drawings. So, the next post should be....


BTW...Vamo' arriba Uruguay CARAJO!!!

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks guys.
Moai, I posted the files on My Data Nest, which may or may not be up to the task in the long run. We'll see.
The player is the google player - there's html out there for it. There is a way to allow downloads of the file too, but I haven't had a chance to figure that out yet.

Teresa, are you referring to the band name? Yo entiendo muy poco español.

Teresa said...

(just cheering because Uruguay won Group A, sorry)

Greg Broadmore said...

Aaah, It was football!
I shoulda guessed. Congrats Uruguay!
NZ is playing your (almost) neighbours tomorrow.
First time NZ's been in the cup for decades, and we're actually hanging in there!

Ryan Walsh said...

This song is like Pop culture fizzing in my mouth! Its brilliant

I gotten into making tech musik in fruity loops and i recently did a track. I will email it to you. maybe u like maybe not it was for fun