Thursday 24 February 2011

Weta Auction in Support of the Christchurch Red Cross Earthquake Appeal.

We're having an auction at Weta - selling signed collectibles including one of my rayguns.
Proceeds go towards Red Cross relief efforts from the catastrophic quake that's hit Christchurch here in New Zealand.

Please check it out and share with any friends who may want to help.


You can also support directly via the Red Cross

UPDATE 8/4/11- the auctions closed yesterday and made a total of $13,855!
Thank you to everyone who spread the message and especially to those who bid.


Ryan Walsh said...

For a stupid ass gun! U kidding me!

Greg Broadmore said...

Maybe you didn't consider reading the post Ryan, but the money was raised for a the Red Cross - for Earthquake relief - for the people that suffered and lost during the recent Christchurch earthquake.

Please don't bother posting here again if you're going to continue to act so insensitively and ridiculously.

Ryan Walsh said...

\Death is part of life. \And soon you will have yours in the end.,

--We live in a cold competitive world.

People. People die all day long.

Greg Broadmore said...

Thank you Ryan for your correct assessment of the reality of life.
However, when people close to me survive terrible loss, I try and help them.
I assume most people around the world do the same for those close to them.
I guess I can assume you don't.

I am getting bored of deleting your nonsense.

Do not post again until you've read the dictionary definition of 'empathy' and had a go at understanding it.