Sunday 27 March 2011

Dr. Grordbort's Exceptional Exhibition goes to Switzerland.

Next stop, Switzerland!
The Dr Grordbort's Exceptional Exhibition will be at the amazing Maison d'Ailleurs - Switzerland's outstanding Science Fiction museum - home of one of the worlds best Jules Verne collections.

I will be there for the opening and if you're in the neighbourhood, I hope to see you!

Check out more at here.


Fabián Fucci said...

Well - Sooner or later it is bound to come to Argentina.

Unknown said...

I'm in the neighbourhood, so i guess i must stop and say hello.
Will you be signing stuff too so i can bring my victory book ?

Greg Broadmore said...

Fabian - man, I have so many requests to bring the exhibition to South America and I would love to.
Argentina would be brilliant - if you know any galleries or museums who'd be interested, be sure to put them in touch.
Jeremie - I will be there for the first few days and I would be happy to sign your book.
The opening of the exhibition will also mark the release of Victory in French from Bragelonne.

Dom said...

Hope to see you there this sunday! I'm impatient.


Yves Bolognini said...
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Yves Bolognini said...

Just a word to say I was at the Maison d'Ailleurs with my 7-years-old boy today. To be exact my 5-months-old second boy was there too, but he slept. I didn't know much of your work, but I just loved the exhibition. And my (older) son was simply amazed. You're a wonderful artist, thank you for this great afternoon with my family.

Unknown said...

Thank you for bringing this much awe and kickassness© in this recluse part of the world.

I didn't know about Dr. Grordbort's very existence until yesterday and I already find myself owning a Victorious Mongoose 1902 and waiting for weta's venusian wildlife adventurers and exozoomorphists to capture and preserve me a Gumbolt's Wind Rat.

I had a great time ! Keep doing more stuff, by all means necessary.