Tuesday 23 August 2011

Utopiales 2011

This year I've been invited to attend the Utopiales Science Fiction Festival in Nantes, France (birthplace of Jules Verne, Bruce Lee and Winston Churchill).
I was also asked to do the art for this years poster as my Dr Grordbort's Exceptional Exhibition will be held there.

I can tell you that I was not just a little bit stoked to be asked as previous artists have included James Gurney, Enki Bilal and Moebius.
I should have shat my pants thinking about having to live up to those godly man-god god artists, but you know what? I just downed 15 single-malt whiskeys and a line of horse-strength amphetamine and set about falling asleep at my wacom.

When I awoke, a wondrous artwork had manifest. I  popped it in an envelope and sent it promptly to Mr Utopiales (who lives at the summit of Mount Utopiale where the festival is held each year) . Upon receipt of the work, he immediately wrote back asking for a refund of his payment.

I have not replied as I spent all the money. He does not know where I live and I will attend the event under a pseudonym.

If you live in France and are not a representative of Mr Utopiales, I look forward to meeting you there!


Ryan Walsh said...

I just want to touch your butt.

Pascal Raimbault said...

haha that's an awesome piece of art Greg, enjoy the croissants!

Robert Simons said...


Eolle said...

Insist on having a tour on the "Grand Elephant" ! (google it, it's not a joke ^^)
I hope you'll enjoy the show and I'll look forward to see your exhibit... and the rest of the festival ! ;)

Nicolas PĂ©nel said...

I was not to Utopiales, for financial reasons, but I said you liked the armor "Cylon centurion Battlestar Galactica" I realized.

Nicolas penel.

dorobo said...

'Upon receipt of the work, he immediately wrote back asking for a refund of his payment.'