Tuesday 31 January 2012

Wetacave Dino sketch

Late last year I did a quick art demo at the Wetacave here in Wellington.
One of the sketches was this here T-Rex, and it was quick and fun.
I almost have to apologise, cos this guy is basically the default drawing built into my hand.
Whenever I start idly sketching, this is what comes out.
That or a drawing of a cock and balls...


dorobo said...

not bad for a deafault drawing :)

William B. Hand said...

... which you should prolly be posting over on the Dino-Art blog. It's been mostly birds over there for a while. :P

Stuart Thomas said...

damn your quick brushy texture strokes are so best! and that colour combo makes him look super friendly to me.

Greg Broadmore said...

He looks friendly, but he's actually hiding some deep inner turmoil and emotional instability.

TheMightyMarcOfFullerton said...

Can we see the cock and balls? Heh, kidding. He looks awesome dude.

Doug Williams said...

It's a cool drawing, but you mentioned cocks and balls? Any chance we could see some of that?

Awesome work, as usual. I should only comment when you do crappy stuff, but then I never would.


Ryan Walsh said...

Your Comments have grown Highly Inappropriate Greg Dear. Cock And Balls?? Really Greg? Must We go there. Grow up.

Ryan Walsh said...

When they a god in power would represent
In rank disgrace, or high and excellent,
In blood or triumph, an eagle they would paint -
A god because it is a bird potènt
Long-lived as any bird that roams the sky
And image of the sun that reigns on high,
Because the solar nature doth excel,
And o'er all birds the sun doth see full well.
For this apothecaries, sky-inspired,
Do use a herb by eagles oft required,
Whose burning eyes like rays do pierce the skies
And sun as master and as lord apprise:
Which, when applied, the power of the sight
Doth much improve, as such a product might,
Because when it would mount aloft the sky
To rise so high it takes a slanting route,
But, diving downwards, straight and true doth shoot.

MR BROWN said...

that Dino sketch is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonas Springborg said...
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Jonas Springborg said...

that doesn't look like an elephant at all!
As always bloody good

Kendra Melton said...

i wish this was my auto mode for sketching. It's wonderful. especially love the handling of the digital paint. wonderful feel.