Tuesday 4 December 2012

Dr. Grordbort's Exhibiton in Wellington!

What a crazy rushed few weeks it's been for me.
I arrived back from a trip a couple weeks ago and as soon as I got into the workshop Richard, Tania and I were discussing the reality of putting on my Dr. Grordbort's show here in Wellington while it was back for refurbishment.
It's been all over the globe, most recently Dusseldorf and it next turns towards Dubai and the USA, but it seemed crazy to not show it for a short stint in Wellington where it was conceived while we had it here.
It also seemed crazy to put on a last minute show within a week in an unfinished impromptu location...
Luckily Richard is crazy, and Tania must have a little of that too, so with Richard's push we jumped in and set it up.
Or I should say a small army of Weta Workshop ninjas put it up, driven along by Richard's relentless energy.
Much kudos to Eric Heath and Brad Cunningham and their team for putting in the long hours to get it ready and looking incredible, and to Midori Willoughby for coordinating.

The exhibtion has been updated with an incredible Venusian Vista Viewer (you'll have to see it to understand) that was Richard's pet project and with new work from Jamie Beswarick - two of my favourite sculptures that we've ever made.

If you're in Wellington, or able to make it to Wellington before the end of January, I hope you can get to see it!

Dr. Grordbort's Exceptional Exhibtion in Wellington on Eventfinder

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Jonas Springborg said...

That looks absolutely amazing Greg!!!
I would love to go see it.
Too bad Wellington is on the other side of the globe.
Merry Christmas to you