Sunday 4 August 2013

The 4th Law and Comic Con 13

I've been back from Comic Con for a couple weeks, and that as always was a whole lot of fun. Comic Con is always exhilarating and exhausting at the same time.
I managed to get sick on the last day, which is what you get for racing to finish and release an EP, organising a roving Beam robot to patrol the show floor, and battling to get this new baby ready in time to display at the show in a few short weeks.

Not that I'm complaining - I got fly across the globe once again to visit that mad house of nerddom, go to parties that gave complimentary massages (of the legal kind) and generally have an amazing time meeting amazing people.

We were lucky enough to have Stephen Fry join us via the Beam Robot but sadly I was hung over in bed when he Beamed in from London. What a top gent.

But the thing I wanted to share today is this monstrosity/beauty - the 4th Law - my latest high end art-piece raygun.

We're only making 20 and a big chunk of those have sold already. It's expensive yes, but that's what it costs to make a piece like this. We built this prototype here at Weta Workshop and each production piece will be handmade at the workshop  - it's made by ninjas. I think they do a back-flip after assembling each 4th law.

You can check it out at the WetaNZ website here.


wolfey said...

very spiffy 4th law, Greg. saw it at the con, too! the detailing is amazing.

veich said...

Big lighter for a big cigar.

Nick Ward said...

Sweet Bally-ho that is a seriously glorious piece of kit. I may have to remortgage home!

Ryan Walsh said...

for the much money... I'd hope it actually shot death rays... jeepers

Barret said...

Wow man.This Is Top Notch. Great addition to the arsenal.