Tuesday 24 December 2013

Seasonal Telephonic Pixel Twerkage

Oh hey there!
I almost didn't see you, standing there all quiet like. Gave me the bloody heebeejeebees.

Its nice to see you regardless.

This blog needs a little love doesn't it?

I've decided to spruce it up with a few pixelised pontifications created on the pocket telephone during  moments of retreat from the xmas-bourne onslaught of family togetherness.

If you're anything like me, then you love the prospect of the Christmas holidays and look forward excitedly to seeing the families reunited,  but the brute-force reality of it when underway can send you scampering for a quiet corner and a place to scribble.

That's where these pictures come from.

Holiday dinner being prepared upstairs, children giggling and stomping about at high speed,  adults exchanging tales of workaday woes and me huddled away in my little bubble drawing dinosaurs.

Murray Xmas everyone!


Radioactive Ape Colin said...

Sounds all too bloody familiar to me (though I'm more for writing than doodling)! Have a great one, matey!

Sigmund Nastrazzurro said...

We know the feeling...

Could you tell us which program you use to paint on your phone?

Greg Broadmore said...

Hey Sigmund, I use a bunch of apps but my favourite so far is Infinite Painter.
It's a bit crashy but really works well with a phone like the Note 3 which has a really accurate and responsive stylus.
I also like Colors and Sketchbook Pro.