Sunday 30 January 2011

The Bestiary of the Cosmos Part 1

Here's a few space critters I've done over the years - most featured in my book Victory from Darkhorse and  on the Dr.G website

Alien design is one of my favourite things to do in concept design, and creating beasties for Dr. Grordbort's is the most satisfying of all.

If you haven't seen them before, check out our Dr. Grordbort's Bestiary of the Cosmos Weta collectibles sculpted by Jamie Beswarick

 Here, here and here!

More to come.


Zachary said...

Easily some of my favorite pages of "Victory".

SHOo said...

Oh. Wow! They're awesome!

androobaker said...

love these creatures!

Stuart Thomas said...

Always stunned by those textures you have on your creatures.
They need to make a pizza based on it as I can see that being tasty

ian said...

been a big fan for a while, but just discovered your blog! awesomely awesome stuff.

denhamkelly said...

Awesome creatures!
The top one remind's me of a hot rod - I don't know why, maybe the fin at the back. Any chance these may make it to Sideshow?