Sunday 2 January 2011


Flamosaurs are extinct, long live the Phlogistosaurs!
"What's the evolutionary difference?" you definitely just asked in your head because you read that sentence.
About two ambling, booze filled, Call of Duty interspersed days of illustration why thank you for asking! I also played Osmos on Iphone during tea breaks.

With a bit of spare time over the holidays, I decided to spruce up the quick Flamosaur sketch that I did a few weeks back.
Now it has way more brush strokes.
It was like I was having a brush stroke contest with myself.
Thank god there was also some interspersed perusal of pornography to give my arm time off.

The close up of the head is at the original pixel resolution.

It's like looking directly upon the original illustration for your very own self..... holy ghostly fuck crime, pray for mercy upon your eyes.


Ryan Walsh said...

I think if the Eye was a bit more fierce

Ryan Walsh said...

Check out this Aligators Eye. I think this is what this Dino is really missing.

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks Ryan,
I'm not really of the school of making Dinosaurs (even flaming ones)or animals have 'angry' eyes.
Have a look at a bird or a Komodo dragon and you'll see no evidence of it.
The Alligator reference you note is great, but it looks entirely placid to me.

Thanks for the feedback though!


Ryan Walsh said...

Here Greg I put in the alligator eye I hope it gives off a better impression

Ryan Walsh said...

So you saying that maybe Dinosaurs in theory didn't have Pupils?
Interesting Concept. Now you have me curious as to when we developed Pupils and the purpose between the two different Eyes

Ryan Walsh said...

I still say Aligators are kewl becuase they always got this smiling kinda look to them

Ben Mauro said...

I think those eyes need some humanity. :D

Greg Broadmore said...

Can't see either of those links fellahs.
No, not saying that Therapods didn't have pupils, the eye is simply dark.
I cannot believe I am having this conversation.

Ryan Walsh said...

My links work. I just checked them.

Ryan Walsh said...

Bens link dont work....

Jparked said...


Jason Scheier said...

this is serious!!! nice nice!!

Micah Kaneshiro said...

Incredible work man!

Zachary said...

I'm not sure what Ryan and Ben are talking about: I think it looks awesome! When's the poster come out?

sprigmude said...

Hi Gregg, great illustration.
I really like the way you have captured it mid walk.
It looks totally plausible. How you do it is beyond me.
I also like the way you have developed the flame pigmentation further.
The name also made me laugh, Nero-saur would have also been funny.
Ridges are interesting, like on a Tuatara.
Since you have invented the Rex-rod, other questions arise.
Do people race these Rex-rods?
Are the jockeys nervous?
How long is the ladder to get to the drivers seat?
Do teenagers cruse up and down the main street to show off their Rex-rods?
Do dim but pretty girls hang around the boy Rexers?
Do the people in apartments hate the Rexers because they have a bellow sound enhancers (illegal) fitted to the roar?

Doug Williams said...

Hey Greg, I really like this guy. Super fun. I think Ben and Ryan are totally wrong, the eyes are fine.

I think the image can be improved though, and since we're all adding our two cents, here's my quick mock up:

The lion might be a bit much, but I'll leave that up to you.

Great piece man.

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks fellahs, much appreciated.

Zach, I may do a print or poster of this soon. I may do a little more finessing and release it early this year. I'll make a post when that happens - thanks for asking!

Spriggle! Those are all awesome ideas. I did actually do several T-Rexes years back, that had racing helmets, were riding hotrods I am on the same page with you there.

Thanks Doug, what a wonderful photo manipulation you have crafted. I think the Lion is terrific, but I think the top hat and 'fuck-me' boot combo is giving him gender issues. He was confused enough already I think.


Ryan Walsh said...

Ya, Just started playing Carnivores 2 now. I hate how I keep shooting at them they dont die. Got to hit them just right. I like how these Dinos just pop out of no where and scare the F out of you.