Tuesday 14 June 2011

The Old Sketch Books part 12 - being the last.

We come to the end, for the time being at least, of this incursion into my dark, dank and sketchy sketch book past.
I will have to dig up some more, and if I ever find any that don't make me wretch hairballs I will post them.
Until then, enjoy some nudes and a woman in night vision goggles who thinks she is riding a bike but is not - just like the famous internet cat, but with the ability to see in low-light.


Pascal Raimbault said...

I love the standing woman sketch on the far right. Really beautiful lines here.
Congrats Greg!

Chainsaw said...

These are awesome Greg. I really hope to work with you someday.

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks dudes.
Cheers Carlo - your shit is incredible man - love that style.
Too good.
Literally - break a finger at least eh?

Ryan Walsh said...

not enuff penis man.

Unknown said...

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