Wednesday 8 June 2011

The Old Sketch Books part 9

Well at least one of these subjects has their bloody clothes on.

If you will, please turn your attention and note the bottom right thumbnail sketch - that was for this old illustration.
Pow! You have just inadvertently learned a fact that is of no use to anyone at all.
Quickly, down a whiskey and un-learn it pronto!


Pearce said...

Whoa! I just +1'ed that! This is some next gen shit up in here!

Ryan Walsh said...

up in here!

up in here!

Six said...

Love the new look blog page Greg =)
The kid with the bomb reminds me of my football days.

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks hombres.
Tim, I'm glad to hear you survived your football days then.

androobaker said...

ah, love the shapes of the dude on the left!