Monday 19 March 2012

iam8bit - Meat Gravity Tale - 4D Space Edition

While I was at GDC, the guys from iam8 bit held a neat event - the SUPER MAGNETIC GAME-O-MATIC.
Anyone could wander up and make game titles and genres from a vast array of huge fridge-magnet style words.
I joined in and drew up this on a juicy big Cintiq display (I think I want one....).
Two fellahs came up with the name and genre - Meat Gravity Tale 4D Space Edition - the last cliched epic shooter.
Was about a fun hour or so, and I hope I did justice to the idea.
One enthusiastic game developer wandered past and said they were actually gonna make the game, so keep your eyes peeled for that!
Thanks to Simon Carless from GDC for hooking me up, and thanks to Jon and the guys from iam8Bit!

UPDATE - Read about the event at Gamasutra


jeffkunze said...

This is so heart stopping good!

Ryan Walsh said...

*nods* probably the dumbest thing ive ever seen for a game.

androobaker said...

there is no stopping you! awesome!

Ben Mauro said...

Your ability to render long red tubular meat from imagination is spectacular! :D

Corysaur said...

It pretty much writes itself - Death to the vegetables!