Monday 28 May 2012

Epac T-Rex Speed Painting

While I was at Epac in Saxon, Switzerland, I did a short speed painting seminar.
In a surprising turn up for the books, I drew I dinosaur.
I know, I know - I like to stretch myself sometimes.
Below is a very intermittent step guide of how it came to be.

Thanks to Patrizia and her fantastic team and to the students that looked after me while I was there and made me feel like part of their family.


Stuart Thomas said...

Nice one bol! the foreshortening in that back leg is great, guessing you must of had good ref for that

Pearce said...

Terrific non-use of layers! Itsa nicea drawinga. I mean painting!

Peter Yong said...

Long time fan of your work! Keep it coming!

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks fellahs. Yah, fuck layers. Layers are for sissies. I am way too hard for layers - WAAAAY too hard.
btw - where can I find these...layers you speak of? Just out of interest?

Thanks Peter - your shit is rad dude. I followed your profile to your work and it's teeeerific. Love the Captain Australia piece. Are you based there?

Peter Yong said...

Wow! Thank you Greg!
I am stoked that you like my work! :D
Yep, I am in Brisbane, Australia at the moment.