Thursday 31 May 2012

Triumph is on its way.

I just received a proof copy of my new Dr. Grordbort's book - Triumph.

At 20 of your finest North American doubloons you'd be mad not to buy one and help me to save towards that private island I've had my eye on.
You be stealing from yourself really - not buying a copy is like burgling the joy from your very soul.
You wouldn't download a pirated DVD, so why would you even consider deleting the happiness from your own heart?
Think of the children for a second. Think of all the little children starving in Africa - it's a sobering thought isn't it?
Well, if you buy my book you'll stop thinking of them for probably like half an hour at least - that's got to be worth it.



Pearce said...

What a compelling argument! *sold*

Six said...

Sign me up!

Unknown said...

No bonus at all for a pre-order?
That private island must be very expensive.

Jonas Springborg said...

wam-bam that looks gorgeous !!

Rupert Lewis said...

thats expensive considering u can buy 2 of our paintings for this price


comrademojo said...

Thanks to the power of consumerism I have already got one*! Bought and paid for by $Weta earned from getting Rayguns.

I swear I don't have a problem and I can stop when I want, I just don't want to yet.

*Pre-ordered, before you ask how I deviously got a physical copy

Micah Kaneshiro said...

Wow Greg, the book looks amazing! Great job man!

Greg Broadmore said...

Cheers fellahs.
Looking forward to it being launched. And thanks CP and Micah for your pieces!
I have 4 guests artists altogether this time (including you guys), and I'm excited for people to see em'

Bryan Wynia said...

Looking forward to this!

Ryan Walsh said...

Broke. Otherwise I buy..