Thursday 13 September 2012

CDW - Accidents in Art - pt1

Concept Design Workshop has been and gone here in Wellington, and massive thanks to Simon Scales and his great team for putting it on and making it all run so smoothly.
I had a great week, and enjoyed the little time I had to watch my co-Wetites in action.
I work alongside Ben and Aaron everyday (above and to the right actually) but never get to see them work in real-time.

As I've said, it was a little surreal for me, as I was only barely conscious through most of it. Simon scheduled me to start at 9am every morning for a 3 hour stint, but I've been doing my best over the last few years to start work at 2pm or so. Thanks Simon...

I don't think it's hard to see the results of that, looking at the first image especially - it's the output of a brain barely able to register that it's not asleep. I can remember being in a haze during that piece and kind of zoning out. But I kinda like it. It's something I would never have done in any normal state.

The little girl cyclops was in the last 45 minutes of that same session and shows a design emerging from the input of the class as the audience offered helpful suggestions. Who knew design by committee could be so successful?
The creature was from the first day and is very much in the Grordbort's realm of 'anatomy on drugs'.
More to come!


androobaker said...

ha! Rad cyclops. reminds me of the garbage pale kids!

Tai said...

It was surreal to see YOU paint. I really enjoyed your sessions!

Matt Hancox said...

Great creature design! Inspired!