Thursday, 20 September 2012

CDW - Accidents in Art - pt2

I held out until the third day to do a dinosaur - that's pretty impressive I gotta say. I half anticipated  drawing dinosaurs everyday of the workshop.
This T-Rex relative was my first ever attempt to add something approximating feathers. It's pretty conservative as far as interpretations of large feathered therapods go, but then I'm a pretty conservative guy.
For instance, I don't approve of gay marriage. But that's probably because gays killed my parents while we were on a camping trip when I was a child.
I think it was a pair of black gays actually - they're one of the most dangerous types of gays.
On no... no, I meant bears, not gays. Sorry.


Stuart Thomas said...

Rad brush strokes bol and digging the shapes in those solider dudes!

***** said...

I'd really love to see a film with your creatures in



Ryan Walsh said...

Only Gay bear is you

Greg Broadmore said...

oh, that's so sweet Ryan! Thanks!~

Ryan Walsh said...

W.e Brow!!

Maybe. Maybe one day if" I r great artist and u my fan, u can recieved signed book copy from me.

Ryan Walsh said...

sure fuck not gettn any from gay black bears like u

Greg Broadmore said...

I fully understand R Dubya. No point investing in Gay Black Bear art - the bottom is falling outta that market.
I'm buying into Old Ladies Punching a Komodo Dragon in the Dick art myself.

Ryan Walsh said...

whatever u say there walrus breath