Monday 30 June 2014

Taillefer - Les Sentinelles - French WW1 Comic hero

This is Taillefer from the French comic series Les Sentinelles.

While my Dr. Grordbort's Exhibtion was in Nantes a couple years back I met Julien Mokrani who's making a film adaptation of the comic and I did a quick interpretation for him of the main character.

Looks like it could be bloody epic, and anything that features robotic soldiers fighting World War One has my vote.

A write up about the film version here at Le Figaro.


Norman Hundert said...

Your Talent is F****** Amazing!!
:-) Cheers!

Frank Victoria said...

Ah ben oui alors!

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks, Norman - feel free to swear though. I enjoy it a good swear.

Oui, Frank!